I'm a writer, digital creative and sceptic.

More specifically, I'm a computer scientist (a researcher rather than designer or developer) and digital creative. I founded matter II media which produces Grapevine, VorbNth Screen and other technologies for people to act collectively and creatively, based on my work on {urban, nomadic, ubiquitous, distributed, crowd} computing.

I'm based at the Pervasive Media Studio where I was research director. I've been a lecturer at South China University of Technology; senior lecturer at Queen Mary, London; visiting professor of computer science at ITU in Copenhagen and the University of Bath; and a senior researcher at HP Labs, Bristol and Palo Alto.

In my spare time I write fiction and poetry.

I blog about technology and society at matter II media.

Here's my LinkedIn profile.

Finally, should you need to distinguish me from other entities, my spatially and temporally unique tag URI is tag:champignon.net,2000:humans:TimKindberg.