Vampires of Avonmouth

"Atmospheric and inventive" - Heather Child.

2087, Everything changes for David when a ship arrives from West Africa, carrying a vampire who hungers not for blood but mental energy. As she hunts those around him, David struggles to protect her ultimate prey - the woman he falls in love with, despite himself. For David is carrying his own monstrous secret inside. If he fails, she will lose her mind. Literally.

This gothic science fiction story is an action-packed exploration of mental enslavement - by systems of oppression, and by parts of our own selves.


"Just like that? The victim's mind vanished?"

"No, Detective, she takes them with her. Every mind she has extracted will be laid out within her own consciousness, in so many mental sarcophagi existing in the eternal nightmare of her being. For feeding on."

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Ebook available from smashwords, print from Waterstones and Blackwells, ebook and print from amazon. I'm donating £1 from every sale to foodbank charity The Trussell Trust.

You can find reviews of Vampires of Avonmouth at goodreads and amazon.

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News, reviews and interviews

John Clute has written an entry about Vampires of Avonmouth (and its author) in the Encyclopaedia of Science Fiction.

Vampire blogger Taliesin Meets The Vampires gave Vampires of Avonmouth a 9/10. " excellently written novel, drawing a dystopian world ravaged by ecological disaster ... and a humanity enslaved by its own technology and blissfully unaware. It is a world alien to ours and yet recognisable also. The characters are well drawn, with clear, distinct voices and the plot rolls along at a good pace." Read the full review here. It contains only minor spoilers: nothing the reader wouldn't learn early on in the book.

Tim talked about the book as part of his presentation on AI Politics for the Pervasive Media Studio on Friday 11 June, 2021. Watch the recorded talk on YouTube.

Tim talked to Richard Adams of TECHnique podcast about his gothic vision of a future of loneliness and isolation, brought on by vampiric technologies - with the exception of West Africa, that is. Available on apple and soundcloud.

The launch of Vampires of Avonmouth was held online at 7pm, Thursday 18 March, 2021. Tim was in conversation with Edson Burton, and there were readings and Q&A. See Recordings below to see it on YouTube.

My guest post Changing One's Self, Playing Many Parts, about how the book came about, appears in Whispering Stories.

Miranda Rae interviewed me for Ujima Radio's The Word (5 Feb 2021). Listen to it as a podcast.   Alternatively, if Ujima's "listen again" stream is still live, I'm about 51 mins in; I also recommend the rest of the two-hour show.

Steve Yabsley's interview with me on BBC Radio Bristol (30 Jan 2021) is about 2hrs 25mins in to the BBC stream - or listen to the recording below.

Vampires Come to Avonmouth in New Novel, Bristol 24/7, January 2021

A Dystopian Thriller, A.A. Abbott, January 2021.


We held the book's online launch at 7pm on 18th March.

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Some of the words used in the novel reflect the political, technological and cultural changes that have occurred by 2087. This glossary is a closer look at their meanings.


Here's the recording of the book's online launch, March 18th 2021. I was in conversation with Edson Burton.

I spoke to Miranda Rae for The Word on Ujima Radio, 5th Feb, 2021. We talked vampires, adinkra symbols and AI. Listen to it as a podcast. Alternatively, the whole show is available for a limited time (see above).

Here's my interview with Steve Yabsley on BBC Radio Bristol on 30th Jan, 2021. Find out more about Bristol's two winners of the Nobel Prize for Physics, Paul Dirac and Peter Higgs, after whom the two scientists in Vampires of Avonmouth are named.

There follows a reading from the book, which was formerly known as Take You With Me.

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