Vampires of Avonmouth

"Atmospheric and inventive" - Heather Child.

2087, Everything changes for David when a ship arrives from West Africa, carrying a vampire who hungers not for blood but mental energy. As she hunts those around him, David struggles to protect her ultimate prey - the woman he falls in love with, despite himself. For David is carrying his own monstrous secret inside. If he fails, she will lose her mind. Literally.

This gothic science fiction story is an action-packed exploration of mental enslavement - by systems of oppression, and by parts of our own selves.

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"Just like that? The victim's mind vanished?"

"No, Detective, she takes them with her. Every mind she has extracted will be laid out within her own consciousness, in so many mental sarcophagi existing in the eternal nightmare of her being. For feeding on."


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A publication of Nsoroma Press.

Cover design by Jasmine Thompson, IG @jasmineshanice123.

Adinkra illustrations by Nkech Nwokolo, IG @nkw_space.


There follows a reading from the book, which was formerly known as Take You With Me.