Take You with Me

Set between Avonmouth.city and Accra.city in 2087, this is the story of how a cop's world is shaken by the arrival of a psychic vampire on a ship from West Africa.

A work of 76,000 words in its second draft, Take You with Me will be available in 2018.


"So you suspect she's taken their minds, detective. Or, as you say, dolled them. Obviously, I would need to know much more about the particulars. But what you describe is a psychic vampire - no, not a story, a real phenomenon. I have studied them."

"And I know them too. She's a mind-fucker." Hearing his own crude formulation made him uncomfortable.

"Yes, a mind-fucker. Pleasure taken, energy absorbed."

"Just like that? The victim's mind vanished?"

"No, detective. She takes them with her. Every mind she has extracted will be laid out within her own consciousness, in so many mental sarcophagi existing in the eternal nightmare of her being. For feeding on."