I am a creative technologist, founder of Vorb and Nth Screen, and researcher and producer at Tim Kindberg Consulting and matter 2 media.

I'm also an author of fiction and poetry and of the textbook Distributed Systems, Concepts and Design.

I'm based at the Pervasive Media Studio where I was recently research director. I was visiting professor of computer science at ITU in Copenhagen and the University of Bath, and a senior researcher at HP Labs, Bristol and Palo Alto.

Interests: artistic/creative applications of technology, based on my work on {urban, nomadic, ubiquitous, distributed} computing.

This site contains links to my projects, publications and other research activities.

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it's a touch thing (NFC, RFID and QR)

roundness.org (a community site for round content)

Pervasive Media Studio (where I'm based)

Distributed Systems, Concepts and Design (5th edition now published)

Mobile Codes Consortium (2D barcodes initiative)

Active Print (2D barcodes projects)

Cityware (EPSRC-funded urban computing project)

tag URIs (RFC 4151: URIs for labelling the world)